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The Last Frame

 Steph, a young adult, returns to her family's mansion looking for what she believes is the family's treasure, but all is not the way she remembered. It seems she will not be alone in her quest to find her family's legacy...

The Last Frame is a cooperative puzzle game with an asymmetric gameplay. It was created as part of the Ubisoft Game Lab Competition, an annual competition organised by Ubisoft challenging students in groups of 8 to create a game in 10 weeks, with several constraints to fulfil.

This year's (2020) constraints were:

  • Build a game around the theme "generation"
  •  Your game must offer online and LAN services
  •  Your game must be cooperative 
  •  There must be at least one IA element in your game
  •  There should be at least one player progression element in your game 
  • Your game will be played by the jury for around 10 minutes

Sadly, due to covid-19 complications, the Ubisoft Game Lab Competition was cancelled on March 16, only 9 days before it was due. We decided to carry on nonetheless and finish our game.

This game was created by a group of 8 students currently completing a Computer Science Master's degree at UQAC university (Quebec, Canada).

Our team:

  • Dorian ANTOINET  - AI and VFX programmer
  • Laura BOUZEREAU - Game designer and 3C programmer
  • Victor DELENCLOS - Network and gameplay programmer
  • Elie ENSUQUE - Gameplay programmer
  • Raphaëlle GARCIA - UI programmer and Scrum Master
  • Clémence PETIT - Level designer and concept artist
  • Clément RAMAT - Tools and sound programmer 
  • Baptiste REY - Gameplay and 3C programmer

Install instructions

Complete instructions are in the readme, we highly recommend reading it before starting the game.

This is a two-person online game, that can be played either in LAN or online. You will need two persons, two PCs and an internet connexion. If possible, we recommend you play in LAN.

We recommend playing on PCs that have 8 giga RAM or higher. The more RAM you have, the less you'll have problems running the game. We recommend that the PC with the highest RAM is the one who hosts. Likewise, the better your internet connexion is, the less likely you'll have lag. Anything above 10 mega/s should be enough. We don't recommend you to play if your internet connexion is less than 1 mega/s.

The game is meant to be played on Windows 10. We cannot guarantee that the game will work on Linux, Mac or other Windows versions.


The Last Frame.zip 270 MB

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